Summer Slavic Languages on the Harvard Campus

Harvard Summer Slavic Language Program

Study Russian or Ukrainian this summer at Harvard University and get a full year of language credit in 7 weeks of intensive study!

• course in 1st-year Russian in Summer 2016
• full year of Russian language credit in 7 weeks of intensive study
• opportunity to study at Harvard
• immerse yourself in the Slavic communities of Boston and Cambridge
• explore Boston’s museums, history, parks, ocean, lakes, and rivers
• courses in Czech, Polish, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian may be available

upon demand in future summers.


Russian at Harvard (courses meet June 18-August 6, 2016)

We will offer Elementary (1st-year) at Harvard in Summer 2016 in a seven-week intensive program running June 18-August 6, 2016. Tuition for the course is $5980. Interested students may apply now by going to the Harvard Summer School website.

Course will be taught by: Veronika Egorova.

Intensive Elementary Russian Language and Culture (RUSS S-Aab)

This intensive course provides a comprehensive introduction to modern Russian language and culture for those who would like to speak Russian or use the language for reading and research. Designed for students without any previous knowledge of Russian, the course stresses all four major communicative skills (speaking, listening comprehension, reading, writing). Students are introduced to Russian culture through readings, screenings, class discussions, and city outings. This course prepares students to continue in Russian at the intermediate level or for study or travel abroad in Russian-speaking countries. (8 credits)