2021-22 Literature and Culture Courses

Listing updated 11/2/2021. For the most up to date information on Slavic Department courses, visit the my.harvard course catalog.


FALL 2021


Slavic 121 / TDM 121: "Ballet, Past and Present", Prof. Daria Khitrova. MW 1:30-2:45pm, Sever 104.

Slavic 118: "War and Peace", Prof. Julie Buckler. M 3-5pm, Barker 373.

Slavic 138: "Apocalypse Then! Reading the Culture of Medieval Rus", Prof. Michael Flier. T Th 10:30-11:45am, Barker 373.

Slavic 144: "Communism and the Politics of Culture: Czechoslovakia from the Prague Spring to the Velvet Revolution", Prof. Jonathan Bolton. T Th 10:30-11:45am, Sever 107.

Slavic 189: "The Other Russia: Twenty-First Century Films, Fictions, States of Mind", Prof. Stephanie Sandler. W 3-5pm, Barker 316.

*Linguistics 250: "Old Church Slavonic", Prof. Michael Flier. T Th 1:30-2:45pm, Barker 373.

*Slavic 258: "What is to be Done? The Future of the 19th Century", Prof. Julie Buckler. W 12:45-2:45pm, Barker 373.

Slavic 262: "Bakhtin", Prof. Nariman Skakov. F 3-5pm, Barker 373.

*Slavic 399A: "Proseminar", Prof. Julie Buckler. M 12-2pm, Barker 373. 


*Courses marked with an asterisk are required for Slavic graduate students pursuing plan A - Literature.




Slavic 97: "Sophomore Tutorial", Prof. Jonathan Bolton. W 12:45-2:45pm, Barker 373.

Slavic 114: "Squaring the Circle: Russia, Art, Revolution", Prof. Daria Khitrova.  MW 3-4:15pm, location TBA.

Slavic 127: "Hacking Russia: Technological Dreams and Nightmares of Russian Culture", Prof. Nariman Skakov. M 12:45-2:45pm, location TBA.

Slavic 132: "Russia's Golden Age: Literature, Arts, Culture", Prof. Julie Buckler. TuTh 1:30-2:45pm, location TBA.

Slavic 143: "Eastern European Modernism, 1918-1939", Iaroslava Strikha. Th 12-2pm, location TBA.

Slavic 167: "Down with Lenin! Ukrainian Culture from the Fall of Communism to the War with Russia", Iaroslava Strikha. T 3-5pm, location TBA.

Slavic 201: "Introduction to East Slavic Linguistics", Prof. Michael Flier. T 9:45-11:45am, location TBA.

Slavic 232: "Czech Poetry", Prof. Jonathan Bolton. MW 10:30-11:45am, Barker 373. 

Slavic 253: "Pushkin", Prof. Daria Khitrova. F 12:45-2:45pm, Barker 373.

*Slavic 264: "Russian Poetry and its Borders", Prof. Stephanie Sandler. Th 9:45-11:45, location TBA.

*Slavic 280R: "Medieval East Slavic", Prof. Michael Flier. W 3-5pm, Barker 373.

*Slavic 399B: "Proseminar", Prof. Jonathan Bolton. M 12-2pm, Barker 373.


*Courses marked with an asterisk are required for Slavic graduate students pursuing plan A - Literature.