2018-2019 Literature and Culture Courses

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Updated 9/4/18


Fall 2018


SLAVIC 91R: Supervised Reading and Research (111900) Prof Daria Khitrova & Prof Steven Clancy, TBD

SLAVIC 99A: Tutorial - Senior Year (123163) Prof Daria Khitrova TBD

SLAVIC 131: Dostoevsky (207565) Prof Justin Weir, MW 0130 PM - 0245 PM, Barker 211 

SLAVIC 141: Performing Arts and Cultural Performances in Russia (Medieval to Contemporary) (108365) Prof Julie Buckler, TR 0130 PM - 0245 PM, Barker 373

 SLAVIC 148: Strange Russian Writers (115702) Prof Stephanie Sandler, W 0300 PM - 0545 PM, CGIS Knafel K050 (FAS)

 SLAVIC 167: Revolutionary Ukraine: Between the Russian Revolution and the Euromaidan of 2014 (156680),  Prof George Grabowicz W 1200 PM - 0245 PM, Barker 012

SLAVIC 220: 20th Century Ukrainian Modernist Prose (208126) Prof George Grabowicz TBD

SLAVIC 241: Russian Futurism and Formalism (159557) Prof Daria Khitrova, F 0900 AM - 1145 AM, Barker 211.

SLAVIC 268: Post-Soviet and Post-Modernist Ukrainian Literature.

 SLAVIC 299: Proseminar (122854) Prof Stephanie Sandler R 0900 AM - 1145 AM, Barker 103.



Other Courses - offered by Slavic faculty in other departments - Fall 2018

FRSEMR 61U: Reading the Novella: Form and Suspense in Short Fiction. Mondays 3-5, Sever 112. Prof Jonathan Bolton.

FRSEMR 62P: War in Fiction and Film. Tuesdays 12-2:45, Sever 104. Prof Justin Weir.

CULTBLF 38: Apocalypse Then! Forging the Culture of Medieval Rus'.  Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30-11:45, Barker 211. Prof Michael Flier.

CULTBLF 42: Communism and the Politics of Culture: Czechoslovakia from World War II to the Velvet Revolution. Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:30-11:45, Emerson 104. Prof Jonathan Bolton. 

LING 250: Old Church Slavonic. Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:30-11:45, Barker 373. Prof Michael Flier.



Spring 2019


SLAVIC 91R: Supervised Reading and Research (111900) Prof Daria Khitrova & Prof Steven Clancy, TBD

Slavic 97: Tutorial, Sophomore Year, Prof Daria Khitrova. F 3:00-5:45.

Slavic 98: Junior Tutorial, TBD.

Slavic 99B: Senior Tutorial, Prof Daria Khitrova, TBD.

Slavic 114: Squaring the Circle: Russia, Art, Revolution. Prof Daria Khitrova, MW 3-4:15.

Slavic 125: Modern Russian: The Back Story. Prof Michael Flier, MW 10:30-11:45. 

Slavic 132: Russia's Golden Age: Literature, Arts, and Culture. Prof Julie Buckler. TR, 1:30-2:45.

Slavic 182: The Political Novel. Prof Jonathan Bolton, TR 12-1:15.

Slavic 195: East Central European Literature after World War II. Prof Jonathan Bolton, TBD.

Slavic 252: Re-reading Russian Intellectual History. Prof Justin Weir, M 12-2:45.

Slavic 289: Elegy: the Art of Losing. Prof Stephanie Sandler. T 12-2:45.

Slavic 310: Preparing for the General Examination. Prof John Malmstad. TBD.


Other Courses - offered by Slavic faculty in other departments - Spring 2019


FRSEMR 37P: Reading Tolstoy's War and Peace. TBA.

Ling 252: Comparative Slavic Linguistics. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30-11:45.