2017-2018 Language Courses


Spring 2018 Language Courses (this listing updated 1/8/18). 

Russian Language Courses

  • Russian Ab. Elementary Russian I, MWF 9-10 am or 1-2 pm, with two one-hour sections tba
  • Russian Aab. Elementary Russian, Intensive, MTWThF 9-10 am, with one-hour sections tba
  • Russian Atb. Elementary Russian through Authentic Texts (Russian through Pushkin II), MWF, 11am-12 pm, with two one-hour sections tba 
  • Russian Bb. Intermediate Russian II, MWF 10-11 am, Discussion: TTh 9:00 AM-9:59 AM Discussion TTh 10:00 AM-10:59 AM Discussion TTh 11:00 AM-11:59 AM Discussion TTh 3:00 PM-3:59 PM
  • Russian Btb. Intermediate Russian through Authentic Texts: Russian through Bulgakov II MWF 1-2 pm. Discussion TBA.
  • Russian 103. Advanced Russian II: Reading, Composition, and Conversation. MWF 1-2 pm.
  • Russian 112. Advanced Russian: Russian Media, MWF 1-2 pm
  • *Russian 120r. Supervised Readings in Advanced Russian (Tutorial course).

Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS) Language Courses

  • BCS Ab. Elementary BCS II. MWF 10-11 am.
  • BCS Bb. Intermediate BCS II. MWF 12-1 pm.
  • *BCS Cr. Advanced BCS. (Tutorial course)

Czech Language Courses

  • Czech Ab. Elementary Czech II, MWF 10-11 am, with one-hour sections tba
  • Czech Bb. Intermediate Czech II, MWF 11-12, with one-hour sections tba
  • *Czech Cr. Advanced Czech (Tutorial course)

Polish Language Courses

  • Polish Ab. Elementary Polish I, MWF 12 noon- 1 pm, with one-hour sections tba
  • Polish Bb. Intermediate Polish II, MWF 10-11 am, with one-hour sections tba
  • *Polish Cr. Advanced Polish (Tutorial course).

    Ukrainian Language Courses

    • Ukrainian Ab. Elementary Ukrainian II, MWF 9am, with one-hour sections tba
    • *Ukrainian Br. Intermediate Ukrainian (Tutorial course)
    • *Ukrainian Cr. Advanced Ukrainian (Tutorial course)



    * - Requires approval by the Director of the Language Program and the Office of Undergraduate Education. Please read the information on "R" language tutorials available for download here and submit the online application to apply.