Select Dissertation Titles

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Giovanna Siedina. The Reception of Horace in the Courses of Poetics at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy: 17th-First Half of the 18th Century. (2014)

Aleksey Berg. Russian Poetry in the Market Place: 1800-1917, and Beyond. (2013)

Scarlet Marquette. Ubi Cogito, Ibi Sum: Paranoid Epistemology in Russian Fiction, 1833-1907 (2013)

Maxim Pozdorovkin. Khronika: Soviet Newsreel at the Dawn of the Information Age. (2012)

Maria Khotimsky. "A Remedy of Solitude": Russian Poet-Translators in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Eras. (2011)

Sasha Senderovich. The Red Promised Land: Narratives of Jewish Mobility in Early Soviet Culture. (2010)

Rebecca Reich. Thinking Differently: Psychiatry, Literature and Dissent in the Late Soviet Period. (2010)

Olga Voronina. A Window with an Iron Curtain: Cold War Metaphors in Transition, 1945-1968. (2010)

Kyongjoon Kwon. The Small Clause in Russian: Structure and History. (2010)

Inna Mattei. Aesthetic Dissonance and the Soviet Post-Totalitarian Condition: How the Steel was Corroded. (2009)

Alexander Spektor. Narrative Ethics in the First-Person Prose of Fyodor Dostoevsky and Witold Gombrowicz. (2008)

Emily Van Buskirk. Reality in Search of Literature: Lydia Ginzburg's In-Between Prose. (2008).

Hakyung Jung. The Grammar of Have in Have-less Language: Possession, Perfect, and Ergativity in North Russian. (2008)

Ian Chesley. Handwriting, Typography, Illustration: The Visual Word of the Russian Avant-Garde. (2007)

Anna Summers. Four Strangers, Life on the Margins. (2007).

Benjamin Paloff. Intermediacy: A Poetics of Unfreedom in Interwar Russian, Polish, and Czech Literatures. (2007)

Inna Galperin. Gogol's Play with Multiple Addressees: Society Vaudeville and Satirical Comedy in The Inspector General. (2007)

Jacob Emery. Stock Exchanges: Heredity, Identity, and Metaphor in Modernist Slavic Literature. (2006)

Seamas Stiofan O'Driscoll. Invisible Forces: Capitalism and the Russian Literary Imagination (1855-1881). (2005)

Julia Vaingurt. Wonderlands of the Russian Avant-Garde: Technology and the Arts in the 1920s. (2005)

Alexandra Kirilcuk Lyons. A Hermitage of Poets: Russian Émigré Poetry in Prague, 1922-1939. (2004)

Rachel Slayman Platonov. Marginal Notes: 'Avtorskaia Pesnia' on the Boundaries of Culture and Genre. (2004)

Julia Bekman Chadaga. The Language of Glass and the Transformation of Vision in Modern Russia. (2003)

Kylie Richardson. The Case for Meaningful Case: The Interaction of Tense, Aspect, and Case in Russian. (2003)

Edyta Bojanowska. Nikolai Gogol: Between Ukrainian and Russian Nationalism. (2002)

Giorgio DiMauro. The Furnace, the Crown, and the Serpent: Images of Babylon in Muscovite Rus'. (2002)

Justyna Beinek. The Album in the Age of Russian and Polish Romanticism: Memory, Nation, Authorship. (2001)

Annette Gertraude Pein. How Stories Are Told in Romantic Verse: Problems of Narration in Vasily Zhukovsky's Vadim. (2001)

Taras Koznarsky. Kharkiv Literary Almanacs of the 1830s: Shaping Ukrainian Cultural Identity. (2001)

Timothy C. Harte. Russian Motion: Kinetic Dynamism and Speed in Russian Avant-Garde Poetry, Painting, and Film. (2001)

Aida Vidan. Ballads by Women Performers in the Oral Traditions of the South Slavs. (2000)

Lidia Stefanowska. Between Vision and Construction: The Poetics of Bohdan Ihor Antonych. (1999)

Matthew William Kay. Translating Holy Writ into East Slavic: The Peresopnyc'ke Jevanhelije (1556-1561). (1998)

Katerina P. King. The Czech Dative of Interest: The Hierarchical Organization of Possession in Discourse and Pragmatics. (1998)

Ian Micah Helfant. The High Stakes of Identity: Gambling and Myths of Aristocratic Dis(honor) in the Life and Literature of Pushkin’s Age. (1997)

David Lee Keily. The Brothers Karamozov and the Fate of Russian Truth: Shifts in the Construction and Interpretation of Narrative after the Judicial Reform of 1864. (1996)

Julie Buckler. Divas in the Drawing Room: Opera as Literature in Pre-revolutionary Russia. (1996)

Andreas Xavier Schonle. Authenticity and Fiction in the Russian Literary Journey, 1790-1840. (1995)

Sara Dickinson. Imagining Space and the Self: Russian Travel Writing and Its Narrators, 1762-1825. (1995)

Bernadette Jean Urtz. The Syntax Semantics and Pragmatics of a Nominal Conjunction: The Case of Russian S. (1994)

Jill Lucy Christensen. Towards an Analysis of Polish Si Impersonals: A Pragmatic/Semantic Approach. (1994)

Natasha Alexandrovna Reed. Reading Lermontov’s Geroj Nasego Vremeni: Problems of Poetics and Reception. (1994)

Hallie Anne White. Temporal Aspects of Andrej Platonov’s Dialogue with the Soviet Utopia. (1994)

Dariusz Tolczyk. See No Evil: Literary Cover-Ups and Discoveries of the Soviet Camp Experience. (1994) subsequently published by Yale University Press

Edward Eric Manouelian. Narrative as Palimpsest: Remizovian Texts and Contexts, 1914-1921. (1994)