Other Related Courses

In addition to teaching in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, our faculty also offer the following courses through other departments at Harvard:


[History 2275hf. Subjectivities and Identities in Russia and Eurasia: Seminar]
Prof. Terry D. Martin and Prof. Stephanie Sandler 


[Linguistics 200. Second Language Acquisition]
Dr. Steven Clancy 

Linguistics 250. Old Church Slavonic
Prof. Michael S. Flier 
Fall 2016, Tuesdays, Thursdays, 10–11:30am
History of the first Slavic literary language, its role in Slavic civilization; phonology, morphology, syntax, and vocabulary of Old Church Slavonic; reading from canonical texts.

Linguistics 252. Comparative Slavic Linguistics
Prof. Michael S. Flier 
Spring 2017, Mondays, 2–4pm
Introduction to the historical phonology and morphology of the Slavic languages with special attention to relative chronology and linguistic geography.

Visual and Environmental Studies

[Visual and Environmental Studies 188s. Soviet and Russian Film and Film Theory]
Prof. D. N. Rodowick and Prof. Justin Weir 

Comparative Literature 

Some of our faculty hold appointments both in the Department of Slavic Languages and in the Department of Comparative Literature, and offer the following courses through the Department of Comparative Literature:

[Literature 142. Narrative Theories of Prose and Film]
Prof. Justin Weir 

Comparative Literature 275. Theory of Narrative: Conference Course
Prof. William Mills Todd III
Fall 2016, Wednesdays, 2-4pm
Studies of selected narratives (fictional, psychoanalytic, historical, sacred) as semiotic structures, representations, rhetorical gambits, and cultural phenomena. Readings by Jakobson, Barthes, Bakhtin, Iser, Lukacs, Foucault, and others.