Job Market Candidates

Aleksey Berg

Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania

PhD, May 2013

Alexandre  Gontchar

Alexandre Gontchar

Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literatures

Alexandre Gontchar, PhD, March 2017

Dissertation title: “Three Easy Pieces: Tolstoy, Khlebnikov, Platonov and the fragile absolute of Russian modernity”


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Daniel Green

Daniel Green

Ph.D. August 2018

Dissertation Title

Dressing the Golden Age: The Symbolism of Clothing in Russian Literature in the Era of Nicholas I”

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Barker Center 323 (12 Quincy Street)
Philip Redko

Philip Redko

College Fellow

Dissertation title: "Boundary Issues in Three Twentieth-Century Russian Poets (Mandelstam, Aronzon, Shvarts)"