Nadezhda Vikulina

Nadezhda Vikulina

Ph.D. candidate in Slavic Languages and Literatures

Nadezhda earned her BA in Literature from Smolny College in Saint Petersburg, Russia. During her undergraduate studies, she focused on American and Russian poetry of the 20th century, translation and history of art. As part of studies abroad program, she attended Bard College, New York, and Bard College Berlin.

Nadezhda wrote her masters thesis “Arcadian Ruins: Images of the Past in Contemporary Russian Art'' at the University of Oregon, while taking classes in Russian, English, and Comparative Literature. Her thesis deals with poetry and photography that captures subversive, non-nostalgic encounters with overgrown Post-Soviet urban sites and landscapes, such as disintegrated industrial neighborhoods and abandoned city parks. While in Oregon, she became interested in Polish poetry and attended a summer school at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, and also completed a project of translating Kaveh Akbar's and Safia Elhillo's poetry into Russian. 

Nadezhda’s current academic interests are Russophone, Polish, English, and German poetry and visual art, particularly photography. While at Harvard, she hopes to write on ecologies of decay in (post)socialist spaces, urban history, and relationship between landscapes, communities, and perception of history. 

"On Nostalgia, Emigration, and Distance in Language: Introducing poems by Kaveh Akbar and Safia Elhillo" in EastEast Journal, 2019.(


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