Congratulations to Slavic Department Fellowship and Award winners this year!

May 24, 2018


Setchkarev Prizes

Graduate Essay Prize

Julian Pokay

Essay title: “The Holy Fool as The Other: Appearance, Disappearance, Return”


Bayara Aroutunova Prize

Emily Kanner

Essay title: “Poetics of the Flesh in Simeon Polotsky’s Vertograd Mnogosvetnyi”

Note: This is a new prize inaugurated by the Setchkarev Prize committee in AY 2017-18 in honor of Bayara Aroutunova’s 100th birthday. Dr. Aroutunova was a faculty member in the Slavic Department from 1963 to 1987, who mostly taught Russian language courses but also wrote about and was very interested in Russian literature. As such, essays nominated for this prize ideally emphasize the language aspect of literature or are linguistically-oriented.


Doctoral Dissertation Prize

Lusia Zaitseva

Dissertation title: “Performing the Vulnerable Subject in Stalinist-Era Russian Poetry and Prose”


Sloane Memorial Prize for Most Promising Scholar and Teacher of Russian Literature

Ania Aizman, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies

Dissertation title: “‘Every Step a New Movement’: Anarchism in the Stalin-Era Literature of the Absurd and its Post-Soviet Adaptations”


Svetlana Boym Fellowship award

Maya Garcia is receiving this year’s Svetlana Boym Fellowship for a research project examining Tchaikovsky’s opera “Oprichnik” from a queer perspective that will be part of her larger work on representations and expressions of queer identity within Slavic Orthodox national mythologies. The award is given in memory of Svetlana Boym, who taught in the Slavic Department for twenty years, and is fondly remembered as a teacher, scholar, mentor, and colleague. Through the generosity of her parents, Musa and Yury Goldberg, the Svetlana Boym Fellowship is awarded annually to a graduate student who wishes to do research related to any topic in the field of Slavic literature, art, photography, and film.


Gochman Dean’s Fund Awards

Congratulations to Slavic Department graduate students who have been awarded Gochman research fellowships to Slavic graduate students. In 2017-18. Giulia Dossi, Ashley Morse, Maria Vassileva, Sarah Vitali and Abbie Weil will be receiving summer research and travel fellowships.


2018 Olympiada of Spoken Russian

Students from our Russian program again participated in the 2nd Annual New England Russian Olympiada on April 8, 2018. They took a double first place in the level one competition and first place in the level 2 competition.

Congratulations to:

Level 1 1st Place:

Alexander Schwennicke and Ryan Cimmino (RUSS Ata-Atb, ‘Russian Through Pushkin’)

Level 2 1st Place:

Olivia Blanchard (RUSS Bta-Btb, ‘Russian Through Bulgakov’)


National Post Secondary Russian Essay Competition 2018 (NPSREC)

Harvard Winners 2018

Gold Medalists

Alexander Schwennicke (Category A, Level 1)

Olivia Blanchard (Category A, Level 2)

Balsa Dragovic (Category B, Level 1)

Aleksandra Milcheva (Category B, Level 3)


Silver Medalist

Vladislav Silayev (Category C, Level 2)


Bronze Medalists

Alex Droznin (Category C, Level 2)


Honorable Mention Recipients


Ben Sorkin (Category A, Level 1)

Ryan Cimmino (Category A, Level 1)

Sebastian Reyes (Category A, Level 3)

James Browning (Category A, Level 4)

Lucie Runia (Category A, Level 4)

Alienor Oudin (Category A, Level 4)

Alexandra Shpitalnik (Category C, Level 2)

Jessika Nebrat (Category C, Level 2)


Congratulations to our graduate students who have been awarded Certificates of Distinction from the Bok Center for their superb teaching in 2017:

* Olga Breininger-Umetayeva, Russian AB, Ethical Reasoning 28

* Giulia Dossi, Russian AAB

* Maya Garcia, Russian ATA

* Jenya Mironava, Slavic 148

* Ashley Morse, Russian AB

* Philip Redko, Russian ATB

* Kellen Safreed, Russian AA

* Sarah Vitali, Ethical Reasoning 28

* Abbie Weil, Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 60


Congratulations to our Preceptors who have been awarded Certificates of Excellence from the Bok Center for their outstanding pedagogical work in 2017:

* Natalia Chirkov, Russian AAB, Russian AA,

* Veronika Egorova, Russian 103, Russian 101, Russian AH

* Natalia Pokrovsky, Russian 114, Russian 111, Russian 113,

* Oksana Willis, Russian ATB, Russian 103, Russian 102R, Russian ATA, Russian BTA