• Stephanie Sandler Master Lecture on Osip Mandelstam
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Split, Croatia, Marulic Square
  • Dubrovnik port (Croatia)

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Recent Publications

<p>Philology Broad and Deep: In Memoriam Horace Gray Lunt</p>

Philology Broad and Deep: In Memoriam Horace Gray Lunt

. Ed. Michael S Flier, Birnbaum, David J, and Vakareliyska, Cynthia M. Bloomington: IN: Slavica Publishers. Publisher's siteAbstract
Horace Gray Lunt (1918-2010), one of the leading Slavic philologists of his time, spent his entire academic career at Harvard University (1949-89), where he helped to train generations of graduate students in Slavic philology and linguistics, many of whom went on to occupy college and university posts throughout the United States. The present volume, Philology Broad and Deep, contains twenty-one essays dedicated to his memory by his former students and close colleagues. These contributions reflect his own devotion to philology, linguistics, and medieval studies, and confirm his enduring influence on those he taught and mentored.
Sandler, Stephanie. 2014.

News that Stays New

, Slavic and East European Journal (SEEJ) 58, no. 1: 1-17.
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Latest News

Valzhyna Mort reading her poetry

Valzhyna Mort, a Belarusian-American poet, visiting Harvard University

October 30, 2014

On October 22 and 23, 2014, Harvard University had the pleasure of hosting Belarusian-American poet Valzhyna Mort.

Mort, who currently teaches creative writing at Cornell as Visiting Assistant Professor, gave a reading in the Woodberry Poetry Room, visited Prof. Sandler’s Gen Ed course “Poetry without Borders,” and was the guest speaker at the “Rethinking Translation” Seminar.