Plan A: Literature

This PhD program in Slavic languages and literatures concentrates on the study of literature. The candidate will choose one major Slavic language and literature and, in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies, a minor field of the student’s choice, which might be a second Slavic language and literature, non-Slavic language and literature, comparative literature, performing arts or fine arts, cultural studies, film studies, a well-defined theoretical or interdisciplinary field, Russian and East European history, or Slavic linguistics and language pedagogy (eight courses in the major field and four in the minor field).


General Program Requirements

Over the first two years of the program students are required to enroll in 16 courses. All sixteen four-credit courses must be completed with a grade before proceeding to the general examinations.


Required Major Program (8 Courses)

  • Seven 200-level Slavic Department seminars in literature and culture, including a course in Old Church Slavonic and one in the Medieval period (2 per semester, but just 1 course in the fall term of the G-2 year). These required graduate seminars are taught by the full range of Department faculty. They vary from year to year and are intended to teach a broad range of literature and culture, as well as current scholarship in the field.

  • Slavic 399A and Slavic 399B, Slavic Graduate Proseminar. This is a year-long course that typically meets six times per term. Students are required to enroll in the course in both terms to receive credit.


Electives (8 courses)

Minor Field

  • Four elective courses, one of which must be a Slavic Department course. With permission of the Director of Graduate Studies, students may count one language course towards the minor field.
  • Minor Field presentation in the fall of the G-3 year

Additional Electives

  • Four additional courses, to be chosen in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies