Plan B: Linguistics

This PhD program in Slavic languages and literatures concentrates on the study of Slavic linguistics. In this program the candidate will choose one Slavic language as the major (four courses), a second Slavic language as the first minor (two courses), and a related elective field as the second minor (two courses). 


General Program Requirements


Over the first two years of the program students are required to enroll in 16 coursesAll sixteen four-credit courses must be completed with a grade before proceeding to the general examinations.


Required Major Program (8 Courses)

  • Slavic 399A and Slavic 399B, Slavic Graduate Proseminar. This is a year-long course that typically meets six times per term. Students are required to enroll in the course in both terms to receive credit.

  • Linguistics 250: Old Church Slavonic

  • Linguistics 101: Introduction to Linguistics

  • Ling 252: Intro to Comparative Slavic Linguistics

  • Four courses in major linguistic area. One must be a seminar or conference course. If the language for the major field is not Russian, one of the four courses must be on Russian.


Electives (8 courses)


In addition to the major field, students will select two minor fields and take 2 courses for each.

  • Two courses in a second Slavic language for the first minor linguistics area. One course must be grammatical and one theoretical.

  • Two courses in a related elective field for the second minor linguistics area. This could be a third Slavic language (in this case, students would take one grammatical and one theoretical course) or a linguistics minor (students would take courses on phonology, morphology, syntax, or semantics).

  • Four elective courses.

Students will select their minor fields in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies.