Plan B: Linguistics

This PhD program in Slavic languages and literatures concentrates on the study of Slavic linguistics. In this program the candidate will choose one Slavic language as the major (four courses), a second Slavic language as the first minor (two courses), and a related elective field as the second minor (two courses). Additionally, Introduction to Comparative Slavic Linguistics and Introduction to Linguistics are required.

General Requirements:

  • Slavic 299: Proseminar
  • Ling 250: Old Church Slavonic

Foreign Languages:

  • French and German (French A or Ax or German A or S with a minimum grade of A, or Slavic Department reading exam)
  • French or German, plus a Slavic language in addition to the major language
  • French or German, plus another language of demonstrable importance to the student’s research interests in addition to the major language

Grad students will choose the option that makes the most intellectual sense for them, in consultation with the DGS.

General (3 courses):

  • Ling 252: Intro. to Comparative Slavic Linguistics
  • Ling. 110: Intro. to Linguistics (with a minimum grade of B)
  • Slavic linguistics elective (Russian linguistics if major language not Russian)

Major Linguistics Area (4 courses*):

  1. major ling. area
  2. major ling. area
  3. major ling. area
  4. major ling. area

* 1 Seminar/Conference course

Minor 1 (2 courses):

  1. 2nd Slavic language: grammar
  2. 2nd Slavic language area: theoretical linguistics

Minor 2 (2 courses):

  1. elective
  2. elective

General Examination:

Part 1. A two-hour written examination, testing the candidate’s knowledge of Slavic linguistics from a comparative-historical or contrastive perspective.

Part 2. A three-hour written examination on the linguistics of the candidate’s major language in the context of the Slavic family; this is taken no more than one month before Part 3.

Part 3. A two-hour comprehensive oral examination centering on (although not limited to) five “fields”; the fields are to be chosen by the candidate in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies.