Minor Field

Each student will complete a minor field, consisting of four courses. It is expected that students would select their minor field halfway through their first year in the graduate program, and that they will have taken at least one course toward completion of it during the first year. Students should submit a brief declaration of their minor field at the end of the first year. We expect the course requirements for the minor to be complete by the end of the second year, with participation in the fall presentation at the beginning of the third year.

Each fall, the Department holds a minor field event for all students who have completed their requirements for the minor the preceding year. All department faculty and graduate students in our program are invited. Each presenter speaks about their minor field for 15 minutes or so and then entertains questions for another 15 minutes. This event also serves to help new graduate students think seriously about their own choice of a minor field.

Throughout this process students should be speaking with the Director of Graduate Studies and other department faculty about the selection/shaping of a minor field and the coursework that will lie at its foundation.